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NOCO GB40 vs. GB70 vs. GB150: Pick the right jump starter for your car & more

Almost every driver has been stranded because of a dead battery at one point or another. These moments test how good a purchase decision we have made; we either regret or feel happy about what we find out.

For car owners/drivers, a great product is half the knowledge we need to make purchase decisions. The bigger puzzle usually is, is this product good enough for my car?

Well, you no longer need to worry because this article has put together the most resourceful information available on NOCO GB4, GB70, and GB150. Even better, you get specific and tailored advice to aid your purchase decision.

 NOCO Boost Plus GB40
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NOCO Boost HD GB70 2000 Amp
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NOCO Boost Pro GB150 3000 Amp
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Customer Rating
Pricenoco gb40 pricenoco gb70 pricenoco gb150 price
Peak Current1000 Amp2000 Amp3000 Amp
Weight‎2.4 pounds‎5 pounds‎7.5 pounds
Flashlight‎100 Lumen400 Lumen500 Lumen
USB Port
12V Port
Charge Time3 hours3 hours2 hours
PROS+ Affordable
+ Compact size
+ An upgraded GB40+ Fast charging
+ Strong flashlight
+ Better battery
CONS- Underwhelming flashlight- Take longer to charge- Too bulky
- Quite expensive
Our Score9.59.89.0

Key Things GB40, GB70, and GB150 Have In Common

By now, you know that the same manufacturer produces all three jump starters. They all perform the task of jump-starting dead batteries but at different paces. It also gets more interesting; all three products have the same external appearance.

Absolutely no other competitor gives you lightweight and compact design with these features:

  • On/off power button
  • Battery capacity indicator lights
  • A flashlight on/off button
  • A manual on/off mode switch
  • A boost indicator
  • Led indicator for incorrect connection types
  • And a USB port.

The USB port is how you recharge the NOCO jump starters. On the other hand, LED flashlights help you find your way around using the jumpstarter in dark areas or campsites. Drivers have found the flashlight very helpful while calling for help after being stranded at the roadside by night.

The LED flashlights of all these products feature seven light modes. These lights include emergency, strive, and SOS. Each of them also has the same battery clamps color-coded. As is the norm, red indicates a positive terminal, and black indicates negative terminals. Each clamp plugs into the jump starter packs on their sides in a custom-made slot.

Conclusively all three models have a patent safety technology that provides spark-proof connections and reverse polarity protection. This is an essential feature when using jump starters. It guarantees the safety of the user as well as electric/fire damage to your vehicle.

Key Differences Between GB40, GB70, and GB 150

This is the interesting part where you begin to understand why we make certain recommendations. Our recommendations are expert opinions based on the differences between these products and our experience with each product. We always test these products to give you the best recommendation.

Although all three products have the same physical appearance, they have different designs in terms of portability, capacities, prices, functions, charge rate, and usability.

Design & Specifications

The GB40 weighs 2.4 pounds, while the GB70 weighs 5 pounds, and the GB150 weighs 7.5 pounds. Although they are all portable jump starters, GB40 is by far lighter than the GB70 and GB150.

All of these products are rated at 12 volts but supply different amp power. GB40 supplies 1000 amps, GB70 supplies 2000 amps, and GB 150 supplies 3000 amps.

There’s also a difference in the strength of their LED flashlight. GB40 has a flashlight rated at 100 lumens, the GB70 has one of 400 lumens, and the GB150’s flashlight is rated at 500 lumens.

General Uses

All car owners should acquaint themselves with the specification of these jump starters. The specification is the first guide to your purchase decision. It tells you what works for your car and what wouldn’t work. Although this may not always be accurate from experience (a few times), it is still an efficient guide.

The GB40 provides up to 20 jump starts from a single charge. It is designed for vehicles with gasoline engines up to 6 liters and diesel engines up to 3 liters. On the other hand, the GB70 provides up to 40 jump starts from a single charge. It is built for vehicles with gasoline engines up to 8 liters and diesel engines up to 6 liters. The GB150, however, provides up to 40 jump starts for vehicles with diesel or gasoline engines above 10 liters.

Extra Features/Function

All three products have essentially the same designs but different specifications. There are not many differences apart from their functionality and usability. Nevertheless, the GB150 and GB70 have a feature that allows rapid charging in about 2 hours. From experience, GB70 takes less than three hours while GB150 takes two hours.

It’s quite insane how many things GB150 can recharge – Image: NOCO

How Long Do They Take To Fully Charge

Each of these products has almost the same front design and appearance. The charging panel shows four lights. When all four lights are fully on, the jump start is charged. There are two red lights, one amber light, and one larger green light. Each light indicates 25% of the battery power.

GB40 takes about three hours to be fully charged. GB70, on the other hand, takes less than three hours to be fully charged. GB150 has a feature that allows a rapid charge in 2 hours via the vehicle’s auxiliary port.

Their Prices

The GB40 is the least expensive of all three products. It costs $99.95, while GB70 costs $199.95, and GB150 costs $299.95.

It’s important to state that price has got nothing to do with functionality. If any of these products would work better for your vehicle, then you should go for it. GB40 is the most affordable. GB70 is more expensive than GB40 and better in all respects than GB40. GB150 is more expensive and functions effectively for bigger vehicles.

Pros And Cons


What you’ll get when buying NOCO GB40: heavy-duty battery clamps, 12-Volt charger, micro USB cable, and user manual – Image: NOCO


  • Good Battery
  • Compact and portable
  • Affordable
  • Better charging rate
  • Perfect for small vehicles


  • Short charging cord
  • GB40 can’t kickstart bigger cars
  • Limited ports

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NOCO GB70 arrives with: battery clamps, XGC connectors, XGC cable, micro USB cable, and user manual – Image: NOCO


  • More Efficient than GB40
  • Delivers 30-40 jump start
  • Better flashlight
  • Relatively affordable


  • Quite heavy
  • Takes more time to charge

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NOCO GB150 comes with a huge package: needle-nose battery clamps, XGC connectors, XGC cable, micro USB cable, microfiber bag, User Guide – Image: NOCO


  • Delivers more than 40 jumpstarts
  • Ultra-safe and advanced safety tech
  • Insanely strong flashlight
  • Best for heavy duty vehicles


  • It’s heavy
  • No case or handle
  • Quite expensive

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If you just want the best for your daily uses

NOCO Boost HD GB70 2000 Amp
NOCO Boost HD GB70 2000 Amp
If you are looking for the latest, most all-around jump starter – GB70 is the one for you

How about GB70? It’s also good enough for general use. Nevertheless, it should be a priority on your purchase list if you need a jump starter with more power. The manufacturer guarantees about 2000 amps worth of power, which is about 1,000 amps more than the GB40. With a good charger that can fully charge this in less than 3 hours, this would be the best purchase decision you make.

If you only need one for emergency use

NOCO Boost Plus GB40 1000 Amp
NOCO Boost Plus GB40 1000 Amp
A small jump starter – both in terms of size and price. But GB40 still packs quite a punch & remains NOCO’s best-selling unit for 10 years!

I’m sure you have had a great read so far, and you’re eager to get our 2 cents on each of these products.

From experience, we would recommend that you buy a NOCO GB40 if you have small vehicles you need to jump-start. This product works great for general and average use. It’s more compact, lightweight, and, more importantly, the most affordable of all three. For average use, GB40 does the job worth its price!

If you don’t care about prices and just want power!

NOCO Boost Pro GB150 3000 Amp
NOCO Boost Pro GB150 3000 Amp
The GB150 model can’t be matched in terms of power and battery capacity. It’s ideal if you are a truck driver, or if you just like all the extra features

And yes, we have NOCO GB150. I strongly recommend that people with heavy-duty vehicles buy the GB150. It can jump-start almost anything you can think of and has sufficient power you can trust to get any job done. We recommend purchasing a case and a wall charger to get the best of this jump starter.

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