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Optima Charger: Digital 400 Vs. Digital 1200

Isn’t Optima a household name for families that own cars? The brand has made an incredible image for its high-quality and durable products, like the popular Digital 400 and Digital 1200. But what should one do if their favorite company launches two equally great battery chargers? The choice becomes hard!

Choosing one of two products, especially when they’re both competent, can be tricky. The best way to deal with such a situation is to put both chargers side by side, analyze the nitty-gritty, and see which is more suitable to your specific needs and situation. And that’s precisely what we’re about to do!

Optima Digital 400 Vs. 1200: Key Things In Common 

We already know both chargers are excellent, so what sets them apart? The answer is simple: you! What do you need a battery charger for? What features are you looking for? What design and prices are you comfortable with? This criterion will help you determine which of these chargers is more suitable for you! So, let’s look at the similarities and differences between Optima Digital 400 Vs. 1200.

Both chargers can charge flooded lead-acid batteries, like the Optima YellowTop. So, both the products have pretty similar capacities and abilities. Both of them enhance the life and performance of the battery and have very similar inputs and outputs. Plus, both Digital 400 and 1200 battery chargers have a built-in health mode which ensures that the batteries stay safe and enjoy a whole life. This way, you can get the most out of your purchase and use it to its total capacity. 

Other common features include microprocessor-controlled charging with efficient and intelligent technology to recharge batteries fast. Safety features like diagnosing battery failures, reverse polarity, and zero sparks are also common among the two. Both batteries are also fully automatic with multi-stage performance. 

Optima Digital 400 vs. 1200: Key Differences 

Despite being equally capable of charging batteries and maintaining their life, both chargers have some key differences. You can use these differences to your benefit and decide which one is better for you: 

Design and Specifications 

Digital 400 and 1200 are capable of similar things, but their design, structure, and specifications are somewhat different. For starters, Optima Digital 1200 is a much bigger battery and has a very different design compared to digital 400. Since Digital 400 is smaller, it is comparatively more portable. It’s easier to store, mount, and travel with. 

The design and overall outlook of the two battery chargers are also very different. In simple words, Digital 1200 looks like a little radio with a top handle. It is broader and has a larger, rectangular base. In contrast, Digital 400 has a more vertical, cylindrical design and does not have a handle for portability. However, it has a dual-purpose standing design which allows you to move it around and hang it on a wall if you please. So, this particular structure has its own set of perks. 

Extra Features and Functions

One of the most important differences is that Digital 1200 has a maximum charger rate of 12 Amperes, which allows it to recharge batteries much faster than 400. This means that it can recharge batteries faster, extend their lifespan, and recover discharged batteries. 

Digital 1200 also has some additional features that differ from 400. These include a USB charging port compatible with cameras, iPhones, iPads, and regular smartphones. Plus, it offers an integrated LED work light near the positive charging clamp, a cable for your stored cars and vehicles, and an auxiliary battery maintainer port. The LED work light also comes with non-slip grips, which adds to its usability. 

On the other hand, Digital 400 has its own interesting features. It has a hybrid LED battery-charging gauge and comes with an LCD. You can also hook, tilt, and hang it using the wall organizer bracket that it comes with. 


Last but not least, the prices of the two models are also very different. The Digital 1200 version is comparatively more expensive compared to 400. In fact, the former is double the price of the latter. However, there is a silver lining to it: if you buy a battery from Optima along with the Digital 1200 battery charger, you get one-year warranty coverage for the battery. Digital 400 does not come with this offer. So, you definitely have to keep your budget in mind when selecting one of these. 

Pros & Cons

Digital 400 


  • It is lighter on the pocket
  • You can hang or hook the charger, making it easy to store and move around
  • 400 comes with a hybrid LED battery-charging gauge
  • It also has an LCD


  • It has lower maximum charging amperes (4 Amps)

Digital 1200 


  • It has higher maximum charging amperes (12 Amperes)
  • It’s much faster than Digital 400
  • 1200 also comes with a USB charging port
  • The handle design makes it easy to carry around


  • It’s twice the price of 400


So, all in all, both party chargers have their pros and cons, which means that the final decision is entirely dependent on what you need and prefer. Your criteria should include: 

  • Your budget 
  • Your battery charging needs 
  • Your storage area 
  • Your traveling habits 
  • Your battery’s condition and maintenance regime 

If you wish to use a charger regularly to recharge discharged batteries, you should get the Digital 1200. In contrast, if you need something to maintain your motorcycle, boat, and car batteries, 400 will be the right choice. In addition, it is ideal for vehicles that are kept in storage or need maintenance during the colder months of the year. So, overall, Digital 400 is best for average general use, while Digital 1200 is an upgrade with a USB charging port and faster charging for your deeply discharged vehicles! 

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