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Rayovac vs. Duracell

There is a long list of batteries you could buy for your home appliances. Various home appliances have different batteries best suited for their needs.

It could be confusing to pick the best and quality batteries. This resource compares two of the best and common batteries for your home appliances. 

At the end of reading this resource, you’d know which battery is best suited for your home appliances.

Rayovac vs. Duracell

This section of the article discusses common characteristics and differences between these two batteries. This would give you insight into what purpose each battery best serves.

Alkaline Batteries

Alkaline batteries are basic batteries that draw power from the reaction between zinc metal and magnetic dioxide. Both Duracell and Rayovac batteries are alkaline batteries. Alkaline batteries are popular for their performance and shelf life. 

These two batteries are produced in America, but Duracell produces its heavy-duty batteries in America. Neither of the batteries is pricey, but Rayovac is cheaper than Duracell.

Psychologically we’re wired to think that a pricey product is quality. So people think Rayovac’s performance is less compared to Duracell. This isn’t true; the price of either of these batteries isn’t connected to their performance.

Both manufacturers assert that either of these products has a shelf life of up to ten years. Nevertheless, either of these batteries could serve you for up to 6-7 years.

AA Batteries

The performance of AA batteries from both brands is commendable. They are both rated 1.5 volts and have a diameter of 14.2mm and 50mm in length.

Again Rayovac batteries are cheaper than Duracell’s AA batteries. Nonetheless, there’s a significant difference in their performance. A 0.5A flashlight would run for 3 hours with a Rayovac battery and 3.25 hours with a Duracell battery before needing replacement.

Duracell batteries have an 8% better running time than Rayovac batteries. Cost-wise, Rayovac batteries are cheaper, and the cost per hour of usage is cheaper than Duracell batteries.

AAA Batteries

Again both batteries share lots of similarities and few differences in this category. The significant difference in the run time, Duracell batteries work longer before needing replacement.

Reports show that Rayovac’s AAA batteries lasted 1.1 hours on a 400mAh LED flashlight while Duracell AAA batteries lasted 1.5 hours.

As you would expect on the prices, Rayovac is cheaper, and the cost per hour of usage is also cheaper than Duracell’s batteries. AAA batteries are commonly used in remote controls, flashlights, and other electronic devices.

D cell Batteries

D cell Batteries are best for electronic devices that you’d need to run on battery power for long. For example, flashlights and smoke detectors need to run for long hours before needing battery replacements.

Duracell’s D cell batteries are more expensive (a pattern you can guess by now); the same goes for the cost per hour. Contrary to your expectations, after testing, Rayovac’s D cell batteries beat Duracell’s D cell batteries by 9 hours.  

This is a significant difference in their performance you can’t quickly ignore. In this category, Rayovac batteries have it, except they reduce the quality of their d cell batteries in the future.

Hearing Aid Batteries

There are several battery types available for hearing aids. Experts assert that 312 batteries are the best batteries suited for hearing aids.

Tests ran on Rayovac’s and Duracell’s 312 batteries for hearing aids point to Duracell as a winner. It’s a landslide victory, 276 hours – 204 hours. Rayovac’s battery lasts 204 hours, and Duracell’s batteries last 276 hours with hearing aids.

When it comes to the price, both batteries are pricey (there are different types of batteries produced by both manufacturers). The price difference isn’t so significant, but you’d never go wrong choosing a Duracell battery when it comes to performance. 

Final Thoughts

Rayovac batteries and Duracell batteries are so similar in many ways. Except in the D cell and hearing aid category, there’s no significant difference for other categories.

Warning: When it comes to these batteries, price doesn’t always reflect higher quality. You can always refer to this article for guidance when making a purchase decision.

Duracell and Rayovac batteries are manufactured in the United States, but Rayovac produces heavy-duty batteries in Europe.

For regular use, we recommend Duracell CopperTop 9V Alkaline Batteries. Good luck with your next purchase.

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